SEO Services Make Business Owners Happy

SEO Services Make Business Owners Happy


Let’s name a day once every three months as “Solo Entrepreneur Day for Fixing Missed Opportunities!”


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SEO Services Bangalore

It is important to set aside time to look back on the past few months and question the things we’ve let slip by. Once we highlight stuff we can get on and fix it. Like you didn’t know that. Its a worth a reminder because digital marketing works this way.  Its a slow and steady race, so be prepared for long term.  Short term goals can be achieved with the right mix of Google Adsense and Google Adwords.

Here are my Top 5 Actions for fixing missed opportunities with SEO Services:

Monthly Actions
1. Go back through your diary

Spend a few minutes looking back over the past three months (or past year if you haven’t done this for some time!). Look at where you spent your time, what appointments you had that have not led to anything. Remember the people you met and the conversations you had. Did you follow up as effectively as you might? Did you explore all the possibilities?  This is a gold mine opportunity for content development.

seo services delhi 2. Clear out your Rolodex/card file/wallet/briefcase/palm pilot/car/handbag

Look particularly for people who’ve slipped off your radar. Consider relationships that may benefit from some rekindling. It’s funny how often we leave a networking event with a swagger of cards and a great sense of achievement only to leave the cards in a little pile to gather dust and coffee stains. Take a fresh look. What was it that was so interesting back then?  Clear the clutter, be concise with your content make it easy for site visitors to find.

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3. Check through your emails

I don’t know about you, but I have developed this very unhelpful behaviour of marking an incoming email as ‘urgent’ and then promptly ignoring it. The sooner Mr Gates invents something like a hand that can reach out of my monitor and slap me round the chops the better.

Regularly clearing your email in-tray is a hugely liberating experience. Action what’s needed, ditch the rest.  Stick with what works when it comes to developing content.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.

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4. Clean out your files

Boring, boring, boring. Necessary, necessary, necessary. Often amongst the junk is some stuff we kept deservedly. Find it, unfile it, action it.  Throwaway old content that is not up to date for site visitors, they will know if you are rehashing same old content.

seo services 5. Make an announcement

Invite your clients, customers and staff to point out missed opportunities. A few months back a delightful man pointed out that one my new projects was so exciting it was as if ‘I had a lion by the tail’. Did I? Yikes!

Yes I did. Yes I DO! So often others see things in us that we cannot see ourselves. What tail do you have hold of? Are you going to grab the lion while you have the chance? I know I am, starting next Wednesday.  Maintain a a schedule where you make regular announcements that will help grow your brand and company using SEO Services.  It will pay off, you just have to stick it out.  There is an important psychological component to SEO Services and businesses in general. SEO Ranking Hero will help maintain you on top of Google with SEO services from Bangalore, India.

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