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Hepatitis C Treatment Cost and Nutrition Part 3 -

Hepatitis C Treatment Cost and Nutrition Part 3

Hepatitis C Treatment Cost and Nutrition

Part 3

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to wasting if it is not offset by an appropriately increased caloric intake.21 A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in July of 1995 stated that the true determinant of energy balance is not resting, but total energy expenditure (the difference between energy intake (food/calories) and output). The study went on to say that during rapid weight loss, total energy expenditure was reduced, primarily because of reduced physical activity and reduction in energy intake. In conclusion, reduced energy intake (not eating enough food), not elevated energy expenditure, is one of the prime determinants of weight loss in Hepatitis C treatment cost-associated wasting during concomitant illness.

Testing for potential low testosterone serum levels, or hypogonadism, is one of the most significant preventive measures instituted by physicians for the prevention of Hepatitis C treatment cost wasting and weight loss. The recognition of hormonal disorders is essential for optimal therapy because, if it goes unrecognized, their evolution is dramatic.23 It is quick and easy to determine if a male patient has signs and symptoms of hypogonadism by asking the following questions: hepc new drugs

1. Do you have a reduction in the number of sexual thoughts and/or the desire to have sex (reduced libido)?
2. Do you awaken with a morning erection?
3. Are you able to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual activity?
4. Are you able to ejaculate?

Any change in sexual functioning should elicit a search for a cause. Endocrine work-up should include an age-adjusted free and total testosterone as well as thyroid function tests. It is important to remember that depression can be causal and should also be ruled out.
If the patient is found to be hypogonadal, hormone replacement therapy should begin immediately.

Millions of healthcare dollars could be saved if every Hepatitis C treatment cost-positive man worldwide were to have a testosterone serum level test administered. An early diagnosis would prevent a majority of debilitating conditions that accompany Hepatitis C treatment cost wasting and weight loss. At the very least, a baseline measure for potential future hormone therapy would be noted in the patient’s medical records.
Nutritional strategies should also be instituted to help prevent wasting, including early nutritional intervention with oral supplements, appetite stimulants24 and exercise. A registered dietician should be consulted for more information regarding appropriate strategies.

Interventional Strategies
A number of factors should be considered before deciding what type of intervention to make for a person with wasting.
Laboratory Results
As noted earlier, every male Hepatitis C treatment cost patient should have an age-adjusted free and total serum testosterone level test administered. This will not only determine whether the patient is hypogonadal, but will also record a baseline measurement. A general normal range for patients is as follows (but remember that the reference range must be age-adjusted and varies with each laboratory):

Appetite Stimulants
Appetite stimulants may lead to weight gain.25 It is important to remember that appetite stimulants

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