My Psychology and Hepatitis C Treatment Part 1

My Psychology and Hepatitis C Treatment Part 1

Walt’s Story
(by Walt)

Hello, my name is Walt I am 42 years old I have hep C genotype 1b, LFT’s slightly elevated, biopsy show’s bridging portal to portal fibrosis with necrosis. At the age of 17 I entered into service with the U.S Army therein I was trained to be a medic between the years of 1976 and 1983. I contracted hep C. In 1990 I went to donate blood I received a letter that changed my life. The letter went on to say you need to see a doctor . Off I go to the Dr. who does a cursory exam and asks some risk factor questions and say’s your only factor was working emergency rooms but you have nothing to worry about.

psychology and hepatitis C

Fast forward to 1996 after having pain in my liver area for about two months I once again went to the Dr. who does the labs and comes back at the next visit and states you have hep C we need to do a biopsy.

During this period I went crazy with decorating my home and focused on inexpensive bachelor pad decorating, which was a great relief to stop thinking about hepatitis C.

After those results came back I then realized the fight I was now undertaking was not one of simple rest and recovery. I went from a pretty active fellow to one troubled by chronic fatigue joint pain liver pain skin rashes colic gall stones depression . I figured I needed to focus my energies on my future security and my families well being. I began my appeal with the veterans administration I was initially awarded 10% rating, I appealed that rating and was awarded 100% in Feb 2000.

In August of 2000 I took a medical retirement from my job at the Postal Service. I am fighting my last battle with SSI. In hind sight I am glad I undertook these fights with three governmental agencies while I still had some energy because even now I am a shell of what I was a mere four years ago . My support system has been great, my wife has taken a huge burden on herself by picking up a lot of my slack as we raise our four children. This in itself is amazing considering the old adage “you look good, ya must feel good,” ha. The biopsy it didn’t lie.

My wife is currently finishing her masters degree while working part time and being a mother and nurse and wife. The people who I considered friends have all slowly vanished – some faster than others. I find spiritual solace in the Lord and the Holy Bible and I find emotional solace in my family. I get bummed some days until I see my seven year old daughter , there I see in her eyes energy, hope and a care free feeling that all is good on this earth.

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