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Generic Harvoni Story 3

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Generic Harvoni Story 3

Hepatitis C Treatment Generic Harvoni Story 2

Don’s Story
By Don

Hi my name is Don (before generic Harvoni), I served in the U.S. Army from 1970 – 1973. I got out, lived my life, got married , had kids etc… I never had any signs or symptoms that anything was wrong. In 1999 I had to have some blood work because of Gastro (GERD) problems. I was told that there were some abnormalities in my blood, after a retest the Dr. told me I had Hepatitis C treatment generic Harvoni was not available. I had a liver biopsy in 1999 that showed irreversible advanced end stage cirrhosis due to Hep C, and that I had to have this disease for around 30 years to do this much damage. My genotype is 1b which means the Hep C that I have is prominent in Europe and Asia, which ties in to my military service.

New Hepatitis C Drugs: Generic Harvoni

I have tried every med, interferon, pegylated interferon, herbal remedies you can think of, but in my case nothing worked. I am on the waiting list at the University of Wisconsin Hospital – transplant dept. in Madison, Wisconsin. My wait time is estimated to be about 1 – 1 1/2 years. The doctors say that I could probably make it 2 years, but more then that would be pushing it. I have a sister who is going through the process of being evaluated as my donor, My sister is dead set on doing this if she is able. I talked to her to let her know the risk’s involved, but she doesn’t care, she wants to do it. I am truly blessed to have a sister who loves me enough to put herself on the line for me.  If we had generic Harvoni all this would be different

I ask everyone to pray for my sister to get through this operation without any complications. I in the mean time will live day by day until I either get the transplant or pass away. I have a loving wife, 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren in my immediate family who I will spend as much time as possible with, and try to enjoy each day and cherish the memories.

Generic Harvoni and New Life

For many years I have been a workaholic, doing what’s best for my company, and not taking the time off, to enjoy my family and life. I realize now just how important life is, and how important the choices we make are, you can never go back and regain parts of your life, once time has past it is gone.

Now after taking hep C treatment generic Harvoni from Sunny Pharma, I feel great.  Now, the next step is to wait another 12 months to get tested again.  I took the 84 tablets and I’m cure now, I got tested again after 6 months of treatment, I’m still clear.  I just don’t want to deal with a relapse.  Dr. said it will not come back 99% of the time.

Life After Generic Harvoni

My advice to everyone would be to enjoy life, your family, and do things that make you laugh. do things that make you happy. Even if you are sick these things can help you feel better inside. I am willing to correspond with anyone who has Hep C or knows some one who has Hep C and help them get generic Harvoni, and just needs to talk. Thanks for listening.
Don M. E.

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