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Generic Harvoni Survivor's Story 2 | Simply Psychology Stories

Generic Harvoni Survivor’s Story 2

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Generic Harvoni Survivor’s Story 2

Kathy’s Story
(by Kathy)

Hepatitis C Survivor’s Story | Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir Price

(Generic Harvoni did not exist) I found out that I had hep C in December of 1996. Hep C  treatment I was pregnant at the time with my 2nd child, and because of the new hep C drugs my obgyn told me I should not keep her because she will have the disease. I did a lot of research at that time to find out if I was really sentencing my child to death as my Dr had said. After a lot of research and much soul searching my husband and I decided to trust that God knew what he was doing. I had my daughter in August of 1997 and she is negative for (thank God my husband and my son is also). I did decide to not have any more children and had surgery because I felt I could not take that chance again and get her to take generic Harvoni, it is safe for children.   

Where did I get Hep C from?

I do not know where I got Hep C from….I was told there are really only three way to get it and as far as I know I have never had blood or blood products given to me (it is possible tho I do not remember much of my childhood) I have never even seen generic Harvoni drugs much less done them and I have only had two sexual partners my entire life (both are negative). So I guess it doesn’t matter where I got it just that I do. (I do believe that much more research needs to be done on the subject of how it is transmitted).Now there are lots of options with generic hepatitis C treatments

New Hep C Drugs: Generic Harvoni

I have tried two types of interferon but I am allergic to them.  I am awaiting new treatment as of this time. I also am fighting social security  to see me as disabled. I am feeling a lot of effects from hep C  and generic Harvoni even tho most documents say it is not that common.  I am tired a lot and it is enough just to take care of two children much less work.  I believe I will overcome this as I have been through alot in my short life and I will survive this too. My favorite saying is “This too shall pass” I say it many times a day. lol

And it did with treatment of generic Harvoni from Natco Pharma in India.

Thank you all for listening to the beginning of my story….I do not know what is to come but I know there is alot more life in me 🙂

God Bless you all and take care of yourselves

Hep C Treatment Cost | Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir

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