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Jan’s Story
(by Jan)

Hepatitis C Survivor’s Story | Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir

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My name is Jan Rappe’. (Did not know about generic Harvoni)For years when ever I had blood work done my doctors would sit me down and advise me that I should cut back on my drinking.

I don’t drink, never have, I don’t like the taste. When I told them that, they would give me a sideways look and say, well your liver tests indicate that you do.

Well after having gall bladder surgery, then a hysterectomy due to cancer I began having some strange symptoms. I thought they were due to hormone problems so I went to my gyn.

Fortunately he is a well informed Doctor [ one of very few ] and when he saw my blood results sent me to a liver specialist with instructions on what tests to take.  (Mr. Hepcinat LP wish he could have been there)

Insurance Denial of | Generic Harvoni | Hepcinat LP | Hep C Treatment Cost

The tests revealed HCV, and liver enzymes at 101. The specialist told me not to worry, it was incureable but it had no symptoms and was just something you carried around.

I accepted his word and went home thinking it was kind of strange but that I didn’t have time to be sick anyway. As time went by symptoms persisted and increased I began to question the advisability of staying uninformed, so I set out to get informed.

My doctor was no help, all he gave me was a pat on the head and a don’t worry [that just made me mad, I hate being treated like I don’t have a right to know what is going on in my own body].

I insisted on and had to pay for all my labs for the preceeding six months, I am a member of Kaizer Perm. a HMO and they don’t seem to like to give out any more information than they have to. Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir is another name for generic Harvoni.

Knowledge is Empowerment with | Generic Harvoni | Hepcinat LP | Hep C Treatment Cost

Armed with my labs which meant very little to me as a lay person I began to search. When I started looking on the web I finally got some info that was accurate. My local health department sent me a flyer (no hepcinat lp) that said it was caused by drug use and sexual contact, and I knew that I hadn’t gotten it from either if those avenues.

I’ve never used drugs and my husband of thirty years doesn’t have it. The web let me know that it was most likely contracted through a transfusion I got in the early seventies at a naval hospital in the San Francisco area. The media is always trying to cover the doctors and pharmaceutical companies ass.

If I only knew about generic Harvoni and Hepcinat LP at this time.  Wait.. that’s for later. I think the most helpful information was that I wasn’t crazy, there were others out there who had symptoms just like mine.

Not Alone Living with Hepatitis C

I wasn’t the only one that felt crappy most of the time. I had ups and downs where sometimes I could function almost normally, but other times I was so tired I could hardly cross the room. I was sick to my stomach all the time, headaches dizziness, foggy thinking and memory problems, and the itching was awful sometimes.

These and other of my symptoms were described by many other hep C sufferers. This isn’t a disease without symptoms. I went back to my doctor and was again treated without Hepcinat LP as if I was just imagining things.

After much discussion he agreed to do an ultra sound, my liver and spleen were both enlarged. Still I was told to go home and in essence wait till turned green then call him. I finally went through the paper work to get a second opinion.

(Nurse an hepatitis C advocate dropped a little bug about generic Harvoni and Hepcinat LP to Jan)

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Insurance Denial Twice | Generic Harvoni | Hepcinat LP | Hep C Treatment Cost

The new doctor advised me to have a biopsy and start on the Interferon/ribavirin treatments and new hepc drugs like Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa, Zepatier, Vosevi or Daklinza. But as he was in another city he sent his conclusions to my other doctor and he was the one to supervise the treatment.

I never really got my biopsy results, I was told it didn’t look to bad [whatever that means] my viral load wasn’t too bad either. My sgot was 160 and platelet count was 80 so I guess they weren’t to good either. If they old me about Hepcinat LP.

I was on the therapy for 7 months and didn’t have to much trouble with side effects, but my platelets went to 63. When we did the retest of viral load I was told the treatments weren’t helping so I might as well stop.

Then Along Came | Generic Harvoni | Hep C Treatment Cost

I’m back to go home till you turn green I guess. I understand that there is a cure but my insurance denied me Harvoni, but I would like to be validated by my physician. I don’t think the attitude would be so casual if he had it. Hepcinat LP

I have noticed that if I need emergency help the mention of a blood borne pathogen gets you quick service, especially if you are bleeding. I thank God every day that my husband and sons are healthy, and I will survive this as I did the cancer and all the other challenges in my life.

If you have it you aren’t alone! Get Hepcinat LP from wherever or generic Harvoni.  You may look fine but if you feel rotten it isn’t all in your head, find some support and validation and keep fighting, life isn’t over yet!!! Hepcinat LP

I intend to be around to see my grandson graduate from high school and my granddaughter become US President, [or a fairy princess she hasn’t made up her mind yet.

Treatment with | Generic Harvoni | Hepcinat LP | Hep C Treatment Cost

Follow Up: After continuous denial, I googled and found Sunny Pharma.  I emailed them and within less than 10 days I received Hepcinat LP in the mail as promised. I took it for 84 days and that’s it.

I no longer have this and I am not looking back. The generic Harvoni, Hepcinat LP, worked within 2 weeks. I had no idea, what was going on, my mind cleared up and I started having more energy on the 10th day.

The good news is I have cleared it now and I just have to wait for another 6 months to a year and get retested again. The doctors were happy and now are telling other patients about the generic version of hepatitis C treatment.

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