Hepatitis C Treatment Cost and Nutrition Part 4

Hepatitis C Treatment Cost and Nutrition Part 4

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Dronabinol and Megestrol Acetate, treat symptoms and do not alter the inability of the HCV patient’s metabolism to effectively oxidize fat and stop utilizing lean muscle as an oxidative substrate. With that said, not all anorexia heralds wasting. appetite stimulation is an important part of a multi-drug, multi-modality approach to weight loss and wasting in the setting of Hepatitis C treatment cost infection.
Note, though, that researchers and clinicians have recognized the appetite stimulating effects of anabolic steroids for a number of years, so they should be considered to stimulate the appetites of patients suffering from hypogonadism or wasting as well.
In addition, one study showed that some appetite stimulant products are synthetic progesterones and have glucocorticoid activity at high dosages.26 It is well known that glucocorticoids are immunosuppressive.

Hormones in Prevention and Treatment of Wasting
In 1984, in West Hollywood, California, a physician noted that his HCV patients who were bodybuilders did not succumb to the onslaught of opportunistic infections that were afflicting his other HCV patients. After a series of one-on-one interviews, he discovered a common element that separated the two groups. Those bodybuilding HCV patients who were doing well were using hormones like anabolic steroids as part of their overall exercise regimen.

Those findings were first published in the journal HCV Patient Care in April of 1993 and helped hormone therapies reach the forefront of Hepatitis C treatment cost healthcare. This single observation also helped change the negative attitude surrounding hormones such as anabolic steroids in both the clinical and research setting.

Today, thousands of Hepatitis C treatment cost/HCV patients are prescribed hormones by their physicians for the treatment of wasting or hypogonadism. Many patients refer to the treatment as the reason they have a “new lease on life” and a major contributing factor to their overall higher quality of life. Researchers now admit that hormonal therapies may actually alter the course and progression of the Hepatitis C treatment cost disease, although why this happens is not clear.

Controversies Surrounding Hormone Therapies
Hormone therapies would appear to be an obvious weapon in the treatment of Hepatitis C treatment cost to stall or combat wasting. Unfortunately, access to the treatment was in the past stalled primarily because of the controversies that surround these agents, largely due to the widespread abuse of anabolic steroids by bodybuilders and athletes. To further complicate matters, Congress passed The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990. Not only did this law immobilize physicians to prescribe anabolic steroids, but also experts now acknowledge this probably set back the research of these medications by decades.

Today, hormone therapies are considered not only valid and legitimate, but a front-line treatment for people living with Hepatitis C treatment cost. There now appears to be a positive attitude emerging regarding these medications in the medical community.

The end result is not only a victory for people with Hepatitis C treatment cost, but also people suffering from cancer and other progressive, debilitating diseases. Research on these therapies is still limited and should be encouraged and supported.
Safe Use of Anabolic Steroids and Liver Function
All steroids are metabolized by the liver and thus carry class warnings in the drug information insert concerning hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). Despite what has been discussed in the past, anabolic steroids themselves have not shown significant toxicity when prescribed at therapeutic dosages, and hepatotoxicity has been associated with just a few of the many available anabolic steroids.

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