Melinda’s Hep C Survivor Story 1

Melinda’s Hep C Survivor Story 1
By Melinda

I am going to fight a good fight though and do all I can to fight this hep c virus. I suffer bouts of depression though and hope it will not get me down.

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I had my liver biopsy and was very sad when I got the results. I have finally gotten my scripts for Harvoni (ledipasvir sofosbuvir) but I can’t afford it. I got ta hold of Sunny Pharma, Kumar sent me the meds for $800. I want to go to work so bad but I get sick to often now to keep a job and it is not fair to my employer if I am sick all the time.

I had been having problems with my liver enzymes being elevated up to 169 for the alt’s and 122 for the ast’s. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. I had my liver biopsy and was very sad when I got the results.

But the doc said it wasn’t that bad and he gave me courage and I really appreciated that.  So many doctors don’t really care espcially when you get this horrific disease.  For the longest time I had no idea why I felt tired and had this foggy problem when it came to doing some basic chores and even writing checks out to bills.

I’m on my second week and this hep c med is really kicking in.  I feel so much better than I had for years, almost over a decade.  I just thought I was getting old but in reality it was the hep c virus doing the hurting all the time.  Some people have told me that they have literally been clinically depressed and put on lots of anti depressants because of hep c.  I never thought it could be this bad.

What’s worst is I have met so many people that have been denied for hep c treatment and I wish I could do something.  I have the fight in me to do that and I now know a good resource to get treatment to help so many.  No way most people cannot afford the generic Harvoni at $24,000.  My doctor recommended me to Kumar.  He’s been a little angel in my life after this hep C issue.

I’m cured now and Iam more than grateful to Soul of Healing and Sunny Pharma, for sending me generic Harvoni, Hepcinat LP. Thank you Kumar.


Sharon’s Hep C Survivor Story 2

The Sunny Pharma Hepatitis C Buyers Club

The Sunny Pharma Hepatitis C Buyers Club

Here is a link to a short documentary made about our work helping people to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment. The documentary was made possible through a grant from Soul of Healing. Soul of Healing began in 2005 to fight against female genital mutilation and then later on towards the focus on women’s health and later hepatitis C in 2012. It was a great honor for us to have our concept chosen as a subject for one of their documentaries. I would particularly like to thank the late Dr. Warren McCray for his incredible work with work in FGM the global condemnation of women’s health issues and infectious diseases. It has been incredibly difficult to get the national and international media to give any attention to the international health crisis regarding women’s health issues. For some reason, the needless deaths of over one million people from Hepatitis C every year is not considered newsworthy, nor is the fact that millions of people die simply because of the astounding greed of the big pharmaceutical companies. While our story provides the narrative thread in this documentary the real story is not about me but the fact that tens of millions of people are suffering and dying from a disease that can be easily and completely cured simply because they can not access affordable treatment. It is not that the Hepatitis C drugs are expensive to make (the actual cost of  making a treatment is less than $0.36), it is simply that greed and manipulation of international patent laws prevents people from being able to buy Hepatitis C treatment at fair price.  Always with a 100% cure guarantee.

Psychology of Substance Abuse

Psychology of Substance Abuse

Since the beginning of human history and before, people have found ways to alter their bodies and their consciousness by taking substances such as herbs, alcohol, and drugs. Out of this practice has sprung many important contributions to science and culture, prominent among them being the development of modern medicine and the medical profession and the making of fine wines and liquors. Some religions have found uses for mind-altering drugs as a way to aid communion with the divine principle. For all the positives that mind and body altering substances have brought us, one fact is clear. There have always been people who were unable to restrict their use of mind and body altering substances to culturally prescribed limits, and who have fallen into the trap we know today as addiction. psychology of substance abuse Addiction usually does not happen overnight. Rather, people who become addicted to drugs (such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.) are gradually introduced and desensitized to them over a period of time. They may initially enjoy the use of drugs in a recreational sort of way. For instance, someone might get into the habit of having a beer or some wine after work as a way of releasing the days’ stresses. Someone else may use marijuana on an occasional basis as a way to share special time with friends or as an aid to appreciating food, music, or sex. Another person may start using cocaine as a way of staying up late at night to study for exams. Some people are able to keep using drugs on an occasional basis. Many other people are not so lucky. For these unlucky others, their use of drugs begins (gradually in some cases, abruptly in others) to increase, and the amount of attention they spend thinking about getting high, purchasing drugs, preparing drugs and taking drugs increases until it becomes the center of their lives. Other responsibilities – work, friends and family, and community – fall by the wayside. As their consumption of drugs rises, users may become physically dependent on their drug to the extent that if they do not take it on a particular day, they get sick. As dependence increases, tolerance to the drugs increases as well – meaning that it takes more and more of the drug to get the same ‘high’ or ‘buzz’ effect. As most drugs (with the exception of alcohol) are illegal, they may become increasingly involved in criminal activities (buying drugs is a criminal activity, as is driving while intoxicated). If the process continues long enough, it may become impossible for the addict to hold a job – they may lose their relationships, their income and their marriages. They may resort to criminal activity (such as robbery, prostitution and drug dealing) in order to gain continuing access to their drugs. They may also kill or injure other people (through driving and firearm accidents) while intoxicated, and may get and pass along to others infectious diseases (like AIDS and Hepatitis C). Ultimately, they may end up killing themselves (through suicide, malnutrition, overdose, or drug related physical degeneration and disease). A grim picture that is all the more tragic because no one who starts out experimenting with a drug ever really believes that they would ever experience any of these awful things, especially if you don’t have access to sofosbuvir velpatasvir. No one knows exactly why some people get addicted to drugs while others do not. However, some contributing factors are clear. There is likely a strong genetic component to some forms of addiction (meaning that vulnerability to becoming an addict can run in families, and be inherited from your parents and grandparents). There is also much evidence suggesting that whether or not people develop addiction problems has a lot to do with experiences they have in childhood and as they are growing up. Abuse in varying forms (sexual, emotional, physical, or neglect), exposure to trauma, being a child of addicted parents, or being a victim of severe life stressors can all help push people into addictions. Some evidence also suggests that people experiencing mental illness-related difficulties (such as anxiety, depression, perfectionism, thought disorder and a host of other conditions) may use drugs or alcohol in an attempt to manage their symptoms; a situation called ‘self medication’. Whatever its cause, addiction is an equal opportunity disease. People of all races, religions, ethnicities, classes and social-economic strata get addicted. It is truly a ‘human’ problem.

Help for addiction is available. For all the many people out there who are actively using drugs and alcohol, there are many others who have struggled with addiction and won a personal victory, on a day by day temporary basis to be sure, but a victory never the less. Help is available in the form of medical attention, medications, psychotherapy, self help groups, and spirituality, but it is only there for the addict who desires it enough to work for it. You can lead an addict to treatment but you can’t make him (or her) stick with recovery. The very first step towards recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is available to you (in part) at this very website in the form of educational materials. The articles in this topic center can help you learn the answer to important questions such as: What are the drugs of abuse? By what mechanism do drugs cause their effects? How do I know if I’m addicted to a drug or alcohol? How would my doctor go about diagnosing drug or alcohol dependence? What are treatments, medications and support groups for drug and/or alcohol addiction are out there and how do they work? We also provide links to numerous drug and alcohol related websites, and point you to books concerned with drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.