Melinda’s Hep C Survivor Story 1

Melinda’s Hep C Survivor Story 1
By Melinda

I am going to fight a good fight though and do all I can to fight this hep c virus. I suffer bouts of depression though and hope it will not get me down.

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I had my liver biopsy and was very sad when I got the results. I have finally gotten my scripts for Harvoni (ledipasvir sofosbuvir) but I can’t afford it. I got ta hold of Sunny Pharma, Kumar sent me the meds for $800. I want to go to work so bad but I get sick to often now to keep a job and it is not fair to my employer if I am sick all the time.

I had been having problems with my liver enzymes being elevated up to 169 for the alt’s and 122 for the ast’s. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. I had my liver biopsy and was very sad when I got the results.

But the doc said it wasn’t that bad and he gave me courage and I really appreciated that.  So many doctors don’t really care espcially when you get this horrific disease.  For the longest time I had no idea why I felt tired and had this foggy problem when it came to doing some basic chores and even writing checks out to bills.

I’m on my second week and this hep c med is really kicking in.  I feel so much better than I had for years, almost over a decade.  I just thought I was getting old but in reality it was the hep c virus doing the hurting all the time.  Some people have told me that they have literally been clinically depressed and put on lots of anti depressants because of hep c.  I never thought it could be this bad.

What’s worst is I have met so many people that have been denied for hep c treatment and I wish I could do something.  I have the fight in me to do that and I now know a good resource to get treatment to help so many.  No way most people cannot afford the generic Harvoni at $24,000.  My doctor recommended me to Kumar.  He’s been a little angel in my life after this hep C issue.

I’m cured now and Iam more than grateful to Soul of Healing and Sunny Pharma, for sending me generic Harvoni, Hepcinat LP. Thank you Kumar.


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