Hep C… Herpes and DAAs Story 6

Hep C… Herpes and DAAs

Here are a couple of  interesting emails I have received  from different folk infected with Herpes who have recently done Hepatitis C treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir. The first one is from a guy who I sent Hep C medication to three years ago. Apart from the good news about clearing Hep C he also mentioned that the 24 week treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir appears to have cleared herpes virus.

Dianne’s Story
(by Dianne)

I was 36 when I started Alpha interferon. I did the 6 million IU then 12 million. Liver enzymes always shot up after discontinuing. I then went on the Beta Inferon. After two months my periods stopped. I went to my GYN and my thyroid was out of whack they said from the interferon. My periods stopped shortly afterwards and I was in full peri-menopause. I now had complete ovarian failure. I no longer could conceive and I was put on Hormones for the menopausal symptoms. The women in my family all went into menopause in their 50s. I had planned on attempting pregnancy after all my treatment was over.

No doctors have acknowledged that ovarian failure was caused by my interferon treatments. However, in an older PDR (physicians desk reference) it says interferon is used for treatment of certain cancers and has been shown to cause sterility problems in women.

If they are going to push interferon treatments on women, they need to study this more. I was treated at a VA hospital. Most of the protocol studies are done on men. This is my warning to all women who may still be considering childbirth: Interferon may end your chance of having children.

Good news is I did get treated for hep C in 2014.  I was denied and I was able to afford hep C meds from a doctor that referred to me Sunny Pharma.  Check this out my treatment in the US cost $194,000 and I got my 24 weeks treatment for less than $2000.

This bogus healthcare system destroyed my chance of having children and on top of that they want to bankrupt me for hepc meds.  I am urging everyone do not even try to take interferon it will destroy your ovaries, get treated with the new sofosbuvir direct acting antivirals they work.

My husband and I adopted two children from India, a boy and a girl.  Brother and sister, absolute dolls, they’re only a year and 2 years old.  A blessing for us to do good and by helping those that can’t.  We want to give something back and those children chose us.