Eesamoosa’s Hep C Survivor Story 4

Eesamoosa’s Hep C Survivor Story (by Eesamoosa)

About ten years ago I accidentally found out that I had Hep C. I really did not know what that meant at the time. The years have passed by and I really hadn’t thought about it much. Within the past two years I have become self employed. Being self employed has its limitations. I no longer had an employer to provide me with health insurance. I found an insurance broker and he began the search for a company who could offer me coverage that I could afford. Of course when I filled the paperwork out I did not mention the Hep C because I have never felt bad or needed any help medically and there was the fact that I knew I would be refused by any insurance company if they were to discover my well kept secret. I have had my own personal health insurance now for about seven months. I went to see a specialist about some possible depression or menopause effects. I was not sure what I was going through and regular doctors are always willing to doll out the meds without really knowing what the problem is. I try to be careful with meds and the impact they can have on the liver. I confided in this psychiatrist that I had Hep C and to please not give me anything that would be hard on my liver. The insurance company got my records from her and discovered that I had Hep C as well as other personal facts that are extremely damaging. They have asked me to sign forms that give them access to other medical records. If I do not supply the signatures on the forms they have threatened to make me responsible for every medical bill I have acquired since I began seven months ago. I felt exposed and angry that my privacy was now public knowledge and I would probably not be able to get health insurance on my own again. I am thinking of the letter I will write in response but I feel hopeless. I have not been tested in the years that have passed, I only know that I don’t feel bad but it won’t matter to an insurance company. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I am approaching my 46th birthday and don’t know what I will do for health care. That was last month. Then I ran in to a friend, she confided in me that she had hep C. Her doctor informed her there is a cure for hepatitis C now. Insurance is picky about who it covers and who it doesn’t. I had mentioned that I have insurance but they’re being prickly at this time and I don’t know if I should tell them or not.

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I may have gotten hepatitis C when I lived in Nigeria

She said her doctor works with a lot of low income people and they don’t have insurance either but they got treatment. My friend, at this time got a little bit more closer to me and said, the doctor get his hep C treatment from India a non profit called Sunny Pharma. The cost is less than a $1000 and you will be cured. He guarantees it. This was a huge relief for me and I felt so much better after hearing all of this. Now, I don’t even care about my health insurance for the time being. So, I made an appointment to see him and he said some of the depression issues are due to the virus. So, be careful and get started on treatment right away. I did exactly that, I got what was called Velpanat, I guess its the generic version of Epclusa here in the US. Within 1 week, I started feeling better and my mood was more positive. I finished my 12 weeks course and I got tested and there was no viral load that could hurt me. I went to see my psychiatrist and told him that I do not have the hep C virus anymore and I’m cured. My insurance had me get tested for hep C and there was no viral load. They believed that the body had beat the virus, some 25% of the population beats the virus without any meds. Right now I have insurance and my solopreneur is doing ok, I just have to get out and start banging on doors. I feel a lot better these days than ever before. Thanks everyone for reading my story. It really helps to get information out regarding how you feel and what you’re going through so you’re not alone.