Debbie’s Hepatitis C Story 10

Debbie’s Hepatitis C Story 10
(by Debbie)

Hello my name is Debbie and I am 43 years old. I have been a nurse for over 10 years and a good one at that. I recently was hit in face by an object thrown by a physician. It was covered in blood therefore, I got a patients blood in my eyes, nose and mouth. The hospital refused to test me to start with but with my insistence and a letter from my attorney they agreed. I am Hep C positive. I am about to start treatment and wouldn’t have ever believed how this has destroyed my beautiful life.

This physician I thought was a very good and kind physician and all of a sudden the outburst. I didn’t know what to do. I was just shocked that he threw an instrument pan at me that was filled with blood. I always do the best job I can everytime and I this I don’t know what gotten in to him. He must have had a bad day, I have no way of explaining any of his actions. I just hope he learns to cool down and not take his frustrations on his co workers. I know being a surgeon is not easy task, but most importantly, its about working with co workers and respecting them as fellow humans. The problem, is some doctors do have a God complex and as a result they don’t feel that all people can be treated with respect. I would love to let everyone know his name, but I am worried about the legality of all of this before I get approval from my attorneys. I know that he will have the hospital and doctor’s insurance behind him and I don’t know if I can beat this battle.

I am currently pursuing this legally but need help. If there is anyone out there that has had anything similar in the medical field with a physician, coworker, etc… please let me know. This hospital and physician are refusing to help me with costs and they are very high as you all know. I had to do what I could, so I got generic Harvoni. Yes, the Harvoni cost in India is a lot less than it is in the states. I can’t risk it. I need to get cured. I have to thank Melissa McKnight from Sunny Pharma and Soul of Healing. They did a great job.

I feel like I am living on death row and I want to share my feeling with this physician for what he has done to me and my family. No one should have to go through this. Thanks so much for listening and any help.


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