Sharon’s Hep C Survivor Story 2

Sharon’s Hep C Survivor Story 2

Really it is my dad that is experiencing depression from Hepc treatment cost. He has actually been experiencing from Hep C depression 20 years and  now treatment cost for 4 years and also later Diabetes given that 15 years back.

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We acquired the very first bottle of generic Epclusa Velpanat directly from the medical professional at a medical facility in Penang in Malaysia. After I examined the cost on numerous web sites, it is much less costly to purchase the drug online.

We can not manage the therapy, if we were to proceed buying the other 2 bottles from the medical professional we would certainly be bankrupt. Therefore, I am attempting to try to find means to obtain the drug with practical rate.

I read your blog site, and also determined to create you, hoping you may share your experience with me to help my father.

Your information as well as my friends in America trust Sunny Pharma and is much appreciated. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Sharon Niwaz

Donna’s Hep C Survivor Story 3